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Sprinter Van Custom-Fit Vinyl Windshield Cover - UV & Weather-Resistant Protection

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Elevate your van’s comfort and privacy with this state-of-the-art insulated shade designed exclusively for the windshield. Packed with high-grade low-E insulation, this shade is not just another accessory; it's an upgrade to your vehicle's functionality. Say goodbye to drilling, magnets, or suction cups. The ingenious design utilizes the sun visors for stable placement, while the inclusion of supporting rods ensures there's no sagging, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Ideal for Sprinter vans from 2002 up to 2018, as well as RVs built on the Sprinter chassis, it is a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics.

Key Advantages of the Insulated Windshield Shade:

  • Optimal Temperature Regulation: Its premium insulation not only keeps the van cooler during hot days but also retains warmth during colder months.
  • Stealth and Privacy: By effectively blocking almost all internal light, it ensures your van remains inconspicuous, and the added sun-blocking feature lets you enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty waterproof ripstop nylon, both inside and out, and complemented by thick Low-E foil-faced insulation, this shade promises long-lasting performance