Sprinter Van Trailer Lcd Display Brake Controller

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About Tekonsha®: The Leader in Electronic Brake Controllers
Looking into a mirror can remind us of who we really are, and in the case of Tekonsha, that mirror reflected a company that would soon become a trusted leader in trailer braking. In 1964 when it first began, the Tekonsha Engineering Company proudly created and manufactured RV steps and mirrors, but just a few shorts years later, that company climbed the stairs and became the powerhouse it was destined to be: a leading manufacturer of trailer brake controllers. Since its inception, Tekonsha has been at the forefront of innovation and design, from the first steps and mirrors to come off its assembly lines to pioneering the manufacture of electronic trailer brake controllers in the 1970s. Since then, Tekonsha has been a trusted leader in towing safety, with products ranging from brake controllers to electrical wiring and trailer brakes. Top Tekonsha Brake Controllers Brake controllers are the heart of the Tekonsha product line with a vast offering of proportional and timed units to fit any tower’s needs. one of the special products is Sprinter Van Trailer Lcd Display Brake Controller

Sprinter Van Trailer LCD display Brake Controller
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions.


- 5 storable setting options for pulling different trailers or preferences of multiple drivers.

- A distinct, easy-to-read LCD display with multiple screen color options.

- Up-Front controls provide easy access to all P3 features.

- Easy to understand diagnostics show output current, battery, brake, and output voltage.

- A flashing red warning system alerts the user to No Trailer Brake situations.

- Select Electric over Hydraulic or Electric trailer brake mode.

- Screen information display in English, French or Spanish.

- The Original Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking.

- Compact, dash-hugging design.

- Snap-in mounting clip allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.

- Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles.

Optional Upgrade to include Wiring
Mercedes Sprinter Van Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers – Dual Plug In
Sprinter Accessories and Parts – 3z6t-P

    • Trailer Brake Controller

    • Wiring Adapter

    • Tekonsha

    • Plugs into Brake Controller

    • Vehicle Specific



Install your electric trailer brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the built-in port under the driver’s seat.



    • Plug-in wiring adapter allows for quick, simple installation of your electric trailer brake controller


    • No cutting or splicing required

        • Custom connector end plugs into the built-in port under the driver’s seat of your vehicle

        • Other end plugs into the back of your electric brake controller


    • Compatible with time-delayed and proportional brake controllers from TrailerMate, Draw-Tite, and Tekonsha

        • Brake controller must have built-in plug for adapter to connect – will not work on controllers with pigtail wiring harnesses


    • 1-Year limited warranty


Installation of Tekonsha Brake Controller Adapter
To install your electric brake controller, you need to connect the wiring of the controller to your vehicle. Certain auto manufacturers offer pre-wired options, typically known as tow packages, wherein wiring is run for you from the dash to the trailer connector on the back of your vehicle. When this is done, a port is installed at your dash so that you can easily plug in a brake controller.

The connector is located under the driver’s seat. No hardwiring is required to install this adapter. After you plug it into the factory port, you simply plug the other end of the adapter directly into your electric trailer brake controller. Because there are no wires to connect, installation is not permanent. You can unplug and remove your brake controller at any time to transfer it to another vehicle or securely stow it away.