2014-2018 Sprinter Winch-Ready Front Bumper: Premium Protection & Design

$2,895.00 - $2,995.00
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Enhance your Mercedes Sprinter van's durability without compromising on style. Recognized for their expansive interiors perfect for bespoke motorhome conversions or adaptable mobile garages, Sprinters are a traveler's dream. Yet, their Achilles' heel is their vulnerable front end. Enter the Aluminess front bumper – a meticulously designed protector that not only fortifies your Sprinter against unexpected road obstacles, especially wandering wildlife, but also remains winch-ready for those tricky terrains.

Key Features Tailored for the Modern Mercedes Sprinter:

  • Signature Aesthetic Appeal: A harmonious marriage of function and design, it boasts the distinctive Aluminess “A” coupled with modern vents cut into the front.
  • Contemporary Lighting Slots: Featuring state-of-the-art square light openings, this bumper effortlessly marries functionality with trending design elements.
  • Winch Readiness: A nod to ever-evolving winch sizes and designs, this bumper might require solenoid relocation for optimal fit and function.

Equip your Sprinter with this stellar addition and traverse confidently, knowing you're shielded against the unpredictable.


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