2015-2019 Ford Aluminess Front Winch Bumper - Premium Protection

$2,744.95 - $2,994.95
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Elevate your Transit van's aesthetics and functionality with our aluminum front winch bumper. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, this winch bumper ensures enhanced vehicle efficiency by minimizing stress on integral parts like tires, brakes, steering, and suspension. You won't have to compromise on fuel mileage or payload capacity. Designed to accommodate most 9,000-pound winches (excluding those with an integrated solenoid) and some compact 12,000-pound winches, this bumper is optimal for various applications. Beyond its winching prowess, built-in tow hooks are perfect for vehicle recovery, and an additional brush guard is your first line of defense against potential animal strikes.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: Crafted from aluminum, ensuring less stress on vehicle components and maintaining fuel efficiency.
  • Versatile Winch Compatibility: Suitable for most 9,000-pound and some 12,000-pound winches.
  • Enhanced Features: Rectangle light openings, a signature Aluminess “A” cut on the front, 2" Center Guard, and 1.5" outer guards are standard configurations, accentuated with ventilation for optimal performance.


(Please note: Winch is not included)



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