Aluminess Roof Rack for ProMaster: Premium Upgrade Solution

$3,500.00 - $4,600.00
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Aluminess Roof Rack: Ultimate Cargo Solution for Your Van Adventures

Versatile and Durable Design
Elevate your van life with our iconic Aluminess Roof Rack, the ultimate solution for carrying extra cargo securely. Tailor-made for various van models, this roof rack is compatible with any vent locations and mounts seamlessly to roof rails. Crafted from robust 1.5” aluminum tubing, it's not just lightweight but also incredibly durable, ready to withstand any adventure you embark on.

Two Distinct Styles for Every Need

  1. Double Loop Style: A classic basket-style rack that comes with two flooring options:
    • Slats: Ideal for tying down precious cargo, offering a walkable surface.
    • Perforated Flooring: Perfect for placing lawn chairs, tripods, or even using as a sleeping platform.
  2. Touring Style (High Roof Only): Featuring a unique drop-down bar extending towards the windshield, this style is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It's designed for mounting forward-facing lights, from sleek straight light bars to safari-style lights, filling out the entire width. Raised loops on other sides secure cargo effectively.

Custom Built for Every Adventure
Whether you're planning to carry cargo boxes, surfboards, or just lounge around, our Aluminess Roof Rack is your perfect companion. Available in Double Loop and Touring styles, it's an essential addition for those who love to travel with friends or family and need extra space for gear.

Touring Roof Rack: A Traveler's Dream
Designed for cross-country road trips, the Touring Roof Rack is not just a rack; it's a statement of freedom and adventure. With its lowered front loop and raised rails on all sides, it ensures your cargo is secure while providing optimal visibility with various light attachments.

Installation and Compatibility
Please note that our roof racks for Promasters directly mount to the roof. Be aware that roof racks and accessories may interfere with factory roof-mounted satellite antennas, and antenna relocation might be necessary for full satellite radio functionality.

Ready for Your Next Adventure?
For any queries or to explore our range of van adventure accessories, feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team at 503-427-2270. Embark on your next journey with the Aluminess Roof Rack, where style meets functionality.


Note: Accessories / Ladder in product pictures not included