2014+ ProMaster Torsion Bar Rear Suspension Upgrade - Enhanced Stability (LMax)

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Discover the ultimate shock absorber for your motorhome with the KONI Frequency Selective Dampers (FSD). Engineered to deliver unparalleled handling without sacrificing comfort, these shocks are a game-changer for motorhome enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Dual Functionality: FSD technology provides a unique combination of performance and comfort. It's firm for enhanced control over large bumps and during cornering, yet remains soft and comfortable over expansion joints and rough roads.
  • Reduced Bouncing: Renowned for reducing motorhome bouncing, KONI takes it a step further with FSD shocks.
  • Vibration Dampening: Includes a special valve that effectively filters out annoying vibrations before they enter the coach, ensuring a smoother ride.
  • Pitching and Swaying Control: Despite its comfort-focused design, there's ample shock absorption left to manage pitching and swaying effectively.
  • Optimized for Motorhomes: Specifically designed for the unique needs of motorhomes, providing a balance of control and comfort.

Upgrade to KONI FSD shocks for a transformative driving experience that blends optimal control with supreme comfort, making every journey in your motorhome smoother and more enjoyable.