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Advanced Camper Van Insulation & Soundproofing - Gen 2 Duck Liner

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Elevate your vanlife setup with the Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner Gen 2, the ultimate solution for insulation and soundproofing in camper vans. Designed for those who demand both comfort and safety in their mobile lifestyle, this advanced liner offers comprehensive benefits tailored for off-grid living.

Key Features and Improvements:

  • Condensation Prevention: Addresses a common vanlife challenge by preventing hot air from contacting the cold metal surfaces of your van, effectively eliminating the risk of condensation and associated issues like mold growth.

  • Enhanced Reflective Foil: The improved reflective foil layer boosts insulation efficiency by reflecting radiant heat back inside, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature no matter the external conditions.

  • Superior Noise Absorption and Insulation: Features advanced closed-cell medium sponge neoprene, which not only absorbs noise but also provides top-tier insulation. It achieves high R-values of 0.89 for 10mm and 0.57 for 5mm thicknesses, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency.

  • Robust Physical Properties: The liner is dust-proof, waterproof, oil and corrosion-resistant, promoting longevity and consistent performance in diverse conditions.

  • Fire Resistance Upgrade: Enhanced with new non-combustible neoprene material for increased fire resistance, making it a safer choice for your adventures.

  • Back Adhesive Layer: Includes a self-adhesive back for easy, hassle-free installation, streamlining the setup process in your van.

Product Specifications:

  • Sold by Roll: Each roll measures 32.5 feet in length and 3.25 feet in width, making it easy to cover large areas efficiently.

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Temperature Regulation: Whether parked in snowy conditions or crossing desert plains, the DUCK Liner maintains a steady interior climate.
  • Soundproofing: Reduces road noise and external sounds, creating a quieter, more serene living environment.
  • Enhanced Safety: The fire-resistant properties add an extra layer of safety, essential for living and traveling in confined spaces.

Installation Tips:

  • Complementary Products: For optimal insulation, consider pairing the DUCK Liner with 3M Thinsulate for even better results.
  • Surface Preparation: Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before application to maximize adhesive bonding.

Why Choose Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner? Upgrade your van with the Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner to enjoy a blend of high-tech insulation and comfort-enhancing features. It’s not just an insulation product; it’s a comprehensive upgrade to your mobile living space, ensuring your van remains a haven of comfort and safety regardless of your location.

Perfect for adventurers seeking a reliable and efficient way to insulate and soundproof their van, the Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner Gen 2 is your go-to choice for a comfortable and secure vanlife experience.


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