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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Mercedes Sprinter Vans - Driver's Middle 170"/170"EXT - NVC3 & VS30

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AM Auto's Premium Glass Window: The Ultimate Choice for Van Lifers Seeking Privacy & Clarity

Embrace the van life movement with confidence and style. As the desire for the perfect balance between window clarity and privacy soars, AM Auto emerges as a beacon with its superior privacy glass window. Crafted beyond mere functionality, this window is a testament to high-end engineering and select materials, all fine-tuned to gift van enthusiasts the ultimate solitude on their journeys.

Showcasing a robust UV filtration mechanism, this window limits UV ray passage to just 17%. The result? Unparalleled protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure, all while preserving the pristine clarity of the world outside. Whether nestled in a city's heartbeat or parked amidst serene nature, savor every moment in your van with the assurance of privacy and protection.

Distinguished Features of AM Auto's Mercedes Sprinter Glass Window:

  • Precision-Matched Fit: Exclusively tailored for Mercedes Sprinter models, promising an impeccable fit. Ideal for the Driver Side Middle (170/170 EXT).

  • UV Defense Technology: With a 17% UV filtration benchmark, this window is your barrier against the sun's detrimental effects, keeping the interior cool and comfortable.

  • Built to Last: Made with elite-grade materials, it's a shield against the whims of weather, ensuring longevity and resilience.

  • Exclusive Positioning: Specially designed for the Driver Side Middle, and note, it's not compatible with the Driver Side Sliding Door.

  • Sophisticated Look: The Solar Privacy Glass exudes an air of elegance, elevating your van's aesthetics while ensuring discretion.

  • Exact Dimensions: With a dimension of 1422mm (55.98")W x 769mm (30.28")H, it’s crafted for perfection.

Step into the future of van life with AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window – an emblem of luxury, protection, and unmatched clarity for those who refuse to settle.


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