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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Mercedes Sprinter Vans - Passenger's Middle 170"/170"EXT - NVC3 & VS30

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Experience Ultimate Privacy & Clarity with AM Auto's Superior Privacy Glass Window

With the rise of van life, the need for windows that expertly combine discretion with unaltered visibility is at its peak. Look no further than AM Auto's industry-leading privacy glass window, where innovation meets impeccable craftsmanship. This is not just any window; it's a testament to superior engineering and prime materials, crafted with the sole intention of enhancing your road privacy.

Its remarkable UV filtration mechanism is its hallmark, permitting only 17% of UV rays. This ensures you're safeguarded from harmful ultraviolet exposure, all while preserving the pristine clarity of the world outside. Be it in the heart of an urban jungle or nestled in nature's embrace, cherish your moments of tranquility, undisturbed by curious onlookers and damaging sun rays.

Distinguishing Features of AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window for Mercedes Sprinter:

  • Customized Fit: Exclusively tailored for Mercedes Sprinter models, this window promises a flawless fit, especially for the Passenger Side Middle (170/170 EXT).

  • Uncompromised UV Defense: Boasting a UV filtration rate of 17%, it acts as a barrier against the sun's harmful effects, ensuring a cooler, safer interior.

  • Superior Durability: Experience resilience like never before, thanks to its construction from premium materials equipped to handle diverse climatic challenges.

  • Pinpoint Compatibility: Exclusively fashioned for the Passenger Side Middle, it seamlessly integrates with the structure of your van.

  • Refined Aesthetics: The Solar Privacy Glass not only ensures discretion but also elevates the overall look of your van.

  • Precision Dimensions: Crafted to perfection with measurements of 1416mm (55.75")W x 706mm (27.80")H, ensuring an impeccable fit.

Choose AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window for a journey that's synonymous with luxury, safety, and unparalleled visual clarity. Navigate the world with confidence and style.


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