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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Mercedes Sprinter Vans - Driver's Rear Quarter 144" - NVC3 & VS30

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Elevate Your Van Life Experience with AM Auto’s Elite Privacy Glass Window

The burgeoning van life culture has intensified the search for the perfect fusion of discretion and clarity in vehicle windows. AM Auto stands out, offering their masterfully crafted privacy glass window - not merely a window, but a convergence of cutting-edge engineering and premier materials. Designed with a laser focus on ensuring road privacy, its UV protection is second to none, allowing a mere 17% of UV rays to penetrate. This means optimum shielding without compromising on the beauty of the world outside. Whether you're nestled in an urban setting or nature's lap, rest assured of your solitude, free from unwanted attention and harmful UV exposure.

Highlighted Features of AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window for Mercedes Sprinter:

  • Precision Engineered Fit: Tailored exclusively for Mercedes Sprinter models. Whether you have a high or low roof, expect a snug fit especially with the Driver Side Rear Quarter (144).

  • Robust UV Defense: With its 17% UV filtration capacity, it's not just a window but a protective shield against sun damage, making it a top pick for health-conscious individuals.

  • Unyielding Durability: Manufactured using premium materials, it stands tall against diverse environmental challenges, promising longevity.

  • Specific Compatibility: Designed for a perfect fit specifically with the Driver Side Sliding door of the High Roof/Low Roof Models. It's strategically placed behind the Driver Side Sliding door, enhancing accessibility and aesthetics.

  • Sophisticated Finish: The Solar Privacy Glass doesn’t just promise privacy, it adds a touch of elegance to your van.

  • Exact Dimensions: Meticulously measured at 1632mm (64.25")W x 705mm (27.75")H, ensuring the precision that AM Auto is known for.

Elevate your travel experience with AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window – where innovation meets aesthetics, giving you the best of both worlds. Experience the road like never before.


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