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CRL Sprinter Van 2007+ Egress Emergency Exit Window 144/170WB

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This top-of-the-line egress window is specially designed for a range of vehicles including Dodge, Mercedes, and Freightliner. Specifically tailored for models like Sprinter, both Long WheelBase and Short WheelBase, this window offers a unique OEM 'All-Glass' appearance with its concealed frame. Featuring 28% dark gray glass, it fits seamlessly on the driver's side forward panel of vehicles with wheel bases of both 144 in. and 170 in. Crafted exclusively for vehicle models from 2007 to the present, for a modern and customized fit. It not only augments the vehicle's aesthetics but also ensures safety, being an emergency exit that meets FMVSS requirements. The package does not include a screen.

Key Features:

  • Emergency Exit: Adheres to FMVSS safety standards, ensuring an extra layer of safety.
  • Sleek Design: OEM 'All-Glass' look with concealed frame and a 28% Factory Dark Gray Tint for Added Privacy
  • Provides Maximum 92-Degree Opening for Enhanced Ventilation
  • Ease of Installation: No additional layout necessary; utilizes OEM stampings for the cut line.



    Installation Tips for RV Use:

    • For Cleaner Cuts, Use Center-Blade Shear Instead of Jigsaw to Minimize Debris and Reduce Metal Fatigue
    • Paint the Cut Edges to Prevent Moisture-Induced Rusting
    • Manual Screwdriver Recommended for Inner Trim Ring Screws to Avoid Stripping


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