DRIFTR Roof Rack for Sprinter 2007+ Models - Compatible with 144WB, 170WB & 170WB Extended

$1,875.00 - $2,325.00
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For the modern-day explorer, the DRIFTR series roof racks present a harmonious blend of efficiency, elegance, and robust design, crafted exclusively for Mercedes Sprinter/Revel. Our racks, celebrated for their modularity and feather-light build, seamlessly amalgamate with our signature ladder, presenting a sleek and streamlined silhouette.

Embracing the spirit of adventure, the DRIFTR series is your go-to solution for mounting solar panels, stowing cargo boxes, or prepping for a serene weekend escapade. Equipped with our state-of-the-art triple T slotted aluminum extrusions, setting up has never been easier. Every DRIFTR rack is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality, exemplifying robust aluminum craftsmanship paired with a sophisticated black semi-textured finish.

Prime Features:

Superior Craftsmanship: Boasts a resilient aluminum structure promising longevity.

Mounting Made Easy: Incorporates triple slotted aluminum extrusions and pre-drilled holes/slots for versatile setups.

Built to Tread: Robust enough to endure weights, allowing for safe walking.

Tailored Extrusions: Catering to varied vehicle lengths - 144 Sprinter (6 extrusions), 170 Sprinter (8 extrusions), and 170 Sprinter EXT (8 extrusions).

Equip your vehicle with the DRIFTR series, where innovation meets unparalleled style, ensuring an optimized journey every time.