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CRL Universal 10x33 Half-Slider Window for Conversion Vans

$406.95 - $813.95
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Upgrade your van's ventilation and style with the CRL Universal Half-Slider Window, an excellent choice for bunk bed ventilation in any van conversion project. Designed for simplicity and ease of installation, this window features solar privacy glass, a sleek powder-coated black frame, and a removable screen. Whether you're a van upfitter or converting your own vehicle, this half-slider window effortlessly integrates with other CRL Van Windows, offering a cohesive and custom look for any van model.

  • Seamless Compatibility: This universal design fits various vehicle makes and models, offering versatile application options for your van conversion project.
  • Easy Installation: The flat glass design and 1/8-inch clamp ring simplify the installation process, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.
  • Feature-Rich: Benefit from solar tinted glass for enhanced privacy and a removable screen for easy cleaning and increased airflow.

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