Extended Range Fuel Tank for Mercedes Sprinter Van 144" & 170" WB

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Experience extended travel and adventure without constantly worrying about refueling your Sprinter Van with the S&B Tank. Our 47-gallon replacement tank is designed to provide you with an impressive increase in fuel capacity, allowing you to go the extra mile. The best part? The installation is a breeze – it's plug and play! Say goodbye to complicated installation processes and hello to a seamless upgrade for your van's fuel system.

Key Features:

  • All-Inclusive Components: The S&B Tank comes complete with all the components needed to effortlessly remove your 24-gallon stock tank and replace it with our spacious 47-gallon tank. It mounts in the stock location with an additional rear strap, ensuring a secure fit.

  • Accurate Fuel Gauge: Worried about your fuel gauge accuracy? With S&B's tank design, your fuel gauge will work as normal, providing accurate readings even with the increased fuel capacity. This means you can rely on your gauge to monitor your fuel levels without any guesswork.

  • Compatibility Assurance: Please note that this tank is not suitable for 170" Crew Vans or 144" Dually Vans. If you have ride height sensors connected to the rear axle, check the instructions for compatibility. Additionally, the fuel gauge will work accurately on vans with the J51 fuel gauge optimized for auxiliary fuel tap. Ensure your van has J51 compatibility for precise gauge readings.

Upgrade your fuel capacity effortlessly and confidently with the S&B Tank – the perfect solution for extending your adventures on the road. Enjoy the convenience of more miles per tank and the peace of mind knowing your fuel gauge remains reliable.

WARNING For Those Using Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

On S&B and OEM diesel fuel tanks, there are one or more rollover valves. The rollover valve uses a float/weight to close the valve when the float is immersed in fuel. This prevents fuel leakage in the event of a rollover. Gravity feed tanks or electronically controlled feed tanks can overfill the S&B or OEM tank. If/when the tank is overfilled, the rollover valves will prematurely close. Without the required vapor space in the tank, this violates the “overfill restriction” requirement of 49 CFR 393.67(12)(i). An overfilled tank can lead to a pressurized fuel tank, leaking, and tank failure. Therefore, the use of a gravity feed tank or electronically controlled transfer tanks (that allow the S&B tank to overfill) in conjunction with a S&B Tank is dangerous and will void the S&B Tank warranty.