Ford Transit Hellwig Ez-990 Helper Spring

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About Hellwig:

Since its founding in 1946, Hellwig Suspension Products has specialized in American-made, precision-engineered products for a wide array of vehicles, both classic and new. This fourth-generation family-run California company began by selling helper springs to customers door to door, and in the 76 years since its inception, Hellwig Products continues to help enthusiasts with their suspension needs. Hellwig is continually improving its products to provide the best performance suspension parts in the industry. one of the special products is Ford Transit Hellwig Ez-990 Helper Spring Hellwig is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management systems and ISO 14001:2015 certified for environmental management systems.

Ford Transit Hellwig Helper Spring

Compatibility: Ford Transit Vans (Cargo and Cutaway Chassis only) made 2016-2020 (150, 250, 350)


    • NOT compatible with Ford Transit Passenger Vans


Manufacturer: Hellwig

What are these helper springs made of?
The helper springs have been made of very strong steel. The design allows the spring to reduce sagging from the rear end. It also adds strength to the system so that it can withstand a load of 2000 lbs.

If they are designed with this steel, then does it mean that effects the overall strength of the part?
It actually does. The steel helps the spring stop rear end sag. It also has the strength to allow the spring to handle a load capacity of 2000 pounds.

Is there anything else I should know about these that is sort of special?
They have given the springs a heat-treatment. The heat treatment allows the springs to be even more durable and gives them extra strength than if they had not heat-treated them. It should help you absorb bumps and keep your ride much more level and give you a greater sense of safety.
I can adjust these springs independently if I need to do so?
Yes. You are correct. They can be adjusted asymmetrically for your needs.
Which Ford Transit Vans are compatible with these Hellwig EZ-990 Helper Springs?
These Hellwig Helper Springs are compatible with Ford Transit Vans made 2016-2020 (Cargo and Cutaway chassis only). They are not compatible with Ford Transit Passenger Van Chassis.