KONI Adjustable Shocks for 2007+ Sprinter 2500/3500 RWD & 4WD

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Experience enhanced ride quality with the Koni Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shock Absorbers, precisely engineered for 2007+ Sprinter 2500/3500 models, compatible with both RWD and 4WD drivetrains.

Key Benefits:

  • Dynamic Control: Featuring independent compression and rebound adjustments, these shock absorbers let you master challenging road conditions, ensuring a consistent, smooth drive on highways.

  • Adaptable Performance: The user-friendly external adjustment mechanism allows you to amplify rebound force to offset wear or to customize for optimal comfort.

  • Personalized Driving Experience: With Koni, tuning your Sprinter motorhome's ride dynamics to your exact liking is effortless, offering a blend of safety and luxury in each drive.

Upgrade to Koni's legacy of superior engineering and make every Sprinter journey a testament to unmatched comfort and stability.


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