2007-2023 Sprinter W907/W906 4x4 Shocks - Compatible with 2500/3500 Models

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Experience enhanced control and superior comfort with the Koni Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shock Absorbers, meticulously crafted for the 2007-2023 Sprinter W907/W906 4x4 models (2500/3500).

Highlighted Features:

  • Precision Adjustments: Boasts independent compression and rebound tuning, letting you navigate with confidence, whether you're dealing with significant road challenges or simply cruising highways.
  • Adaptable Performance: The intuitive external adjustment functionality enables users to reinforce rebound force as wear progresses or to finely adjust to individual ride preferences.
  • Motorhome Mastery: Koni doesn't just offer shock absorbers; it provides the means to tailor your Sprinter motorhome's ride dynamics to your unique driving style, ensuring every journey feels just right.

With Koni, you're not merely upgrading parts; you're investing in a journey of comfort and control, making every drive in your Sprinter a seamless adventure.

You need to order at least 2 units of this product to complete a pair.