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LP6 Pro LED Auxiliary Light Pod - Universal

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NOTEThis light does not come with a wiring harness. The applicable wiring harness to this light is BD-640172-LP6-LP9-PRO-WIRING-HARNESS-UNIVERSAL.

The LP6 Pro stands as a testament to Baja Designs' commitment to engineering excellence, offering an unparalleled lighting solution for off-road enthusiasts and on-road adventurers alike. This 6-inch powerhouse boasts a remarkable 10,300 lumens of radiant LED light, providing a generous 200-degree spread of usable illumination. Featuring 8,600 forward projecting lumens and an additional 1,700 lumens of dedicated peripheral lighting through our patented Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), the LP6 Pro ensures you have the light you need to conquer the darkest trails and roads.

To ensure peak performance, the LP6 Pro integrates Baja Designs' proprietary Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) technology. This innovative feature allows airflow to pass through the front of the housing and over rear heat sinks, significantly enhancing cooling capacity and overall performance. With versatile lighting modes, including an amber day-time running light, low-power, and high-power options, the LP6 Pro fulfills all your lighting needs. Backed by Baja Designs' exceptional features such as a Satisfaction Guarantee, Limited Lifetime Warranty, uService for replaceable lenses and optics, and many more, the LP6 Pro is your ultimate choice for high-performance LED lighting.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Brightness: Illuminate your path with a total of 10,300 lumens, combining forward projecting and peripheral lighting for exceptional visibility.
  • Efficient Cooling: The LP6 Pro incorporates Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) technology, enhancing cooling capacity and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Versatile Lighting Modes: With an amber day-time running light and adjustable power modes, the LP6 Pro adapts to various scenarios, providing the perfect lighting solution for any situation.

Elevate your driving experience with the LP6 Pro by Baja Designs, a lighting powerhouse that ensures safety, reliability, and exceptional performance for all your adventures.