Mercedes Sprinter Van (high Roof) Aluminess Modular Roof Rack

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Aluminess Products, Inc. We have been in business for over 12 years and we have established a solid reputation for manufacturing quality aluminum products for trucks, vans, and SUV’s. and Mercedes Sprinter Van (High Roof) Aluminess Modular Roof Rack one of them! We are proud to offer products that are “Made in America”.
Our aluminum products are designed for strength and utility, providing additional protection for your vehicle. The lighter weight allows you to get full performance out of your suspension and prevents wear and tear on your alignment, brakes, and tires. In addition, you don’t have to worry about rust!
Our talented manufacturing staff is able to design, fabricate and weld bumpers, roof racks, and accessories for an ever-growing number of vehicles of various makes and models. Our sales staff is always available to answer questions and help ensure that you get the right products for your vehicles.

Mercedes Sprinter Van (High Roof) Aluminess Modular Roof Rack - 2019-2020
This modular roof rack is compatible with all High Roof Sprinter Vans made after 2019. This includes the 2500, 3500, and 4500 versions.
Please note: This Roof Rack Kit includes panels for 1 Vent Covering. If you have more than 1 vent location on your Sprinter Van, then you will need to purchase additional cover(s).
Compatibility: All High Roof Sprinter Vans made 2019-Present (144"" wb and 170"" wb)

    • Please note this Roof Rack will not be compatible with 170"" Extended Wheelbase Sprinter Vans

Manufacturer: Aluminess
Standard rack configuration includes panels for full-length rack with one vent opening.
Can you tell me which Sprinter Vans this roof rack is compatible with?
Ya, this roof rack is compatible with all High Roof Sprinter Vans made after 2019. We have options for the 144"" and 170"" wheelbase Sprinter Vans. This roof rack will not be compatible with the 170"" extended wheelbase Sprinter Van.
Will this roof rack interfere with my Sprinter Van's air conditioning at all?
No, this roof rack will not mess with the air conditioning. These options were specifically designed to work around the standard vent locations in your van.
Wait so I previously would've had to buy a custom roof rack as standard roof racks would mess with my AC... you're saying I no longer have to do that?
That is correct! Aluminess has completely eliminated the need to spend extra dollars on custom roof racks.
How many panels are included in this kit?
The standard kit includes panels for one lard or small vent. We do have additional vent kits for those vans with multiple vents, look for them in this product's variations.
Can you tell me which vent kits you have available? I have a Sprinter with three vents that need to be covered.
Yep! We have both the Vent Panel Kit as well as the Vent Cover Kit.
What is the AC Panel Kit?
The AC Panel Kit covers your factory AC unit. If you have a factory AC unit installed on your Sprinter Van, then you will need the AC Panel Kit.
What is the Vent Panel Kit?
The Vent Panel Kit covers each additional vent you need to be covered. Please purchase more than one kit if you have more than one vent that needs to be covered. This kit is not needed for factory AC.
What is the Vent Cover Kit?
The Vent Cover Kit covers the entire roof. If you want to cover the included vent opening and make a full continuous deck without any openings, then this option is for you.
I see all these pictures have ladders in them... will a ladder be included with this purchase?
No, it will not. You will need to buy a ladder separately if you'd like a ladder.