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Introducing the Newly Enhanced Nest Roof Top Capsule, a revolutionary addition to your outdoor adventures, offering unmatched durability, convenience, and versatility. This state-of-the-art capsule is perfectly designed to integrate with camper vans, mini vans, and mid/full-size SUVs, elevating your travel experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Robust One-Piece Aluminum Frame: The capsule's durable construction ensures it can withstand diverse terrains and harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for adventurous travels.

  • Advanced Protection: Featuring hardshell walls and a sturdy aluminum frame, the Nest Roof Top Capsule provides robust protection against natural elements, ensuring safety and comfort in rugged terrains.

  • Superior Thermal Insulation: The innovative "sandwich board" walls offer excellent thermal insulation, keeping you comfortable in various climates.

  • Waterproof and Moisture-Proof Design: Enjoy your adventures in any weather, thanks to the capsule's advanced design that shields against moisture and water.

  • Remote Control Operation: Deploying and retracting the capsule is made easy with a remote control, complemented by heavy-duty electric scissor jacks for quick and effortless setup.

  • Modular Rack System with Roof Bars: Customize your setup with the flexibility to attach awnings, storage boxes, or create your own roof deck, enhancing the functionality of your vehicle.

  • Convenient In-Van Access: The entry port allows easy access from inside the van, adding to the capsule's convenience and utility.

  • Professional Installation Recommended: For optimal safety and performance, it is advised to have the capsule installed by a qualified professional.


  • Internal Dimensions: 106" Length x 51.5" Width x 38" Height
  • Color Scheme: Black Frame with Light Grey Panels

The Nest Roof Top Capsule is available in limited quantities and represents a fusion of durability, convenience, and adaptability. It's an essential addition for those seeking a reliable, comfortable outdoor living space that complements their adventurous lifestyle. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your camping and travel experiences with this upgraded Nest Roof Top Capsule.


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