Sprinter Van Glide Rite Air Bag Suspension System (4 Bag) FREE SHIPPING


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FREE SHIPPING IN THE Contiguous USA (This Product Weighs up to 300 lbs You save Big)

Please note that this item only ships free to the Contiguous United States. Does not include Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.

THIS ITEM IS FOR A 3500 (CLICK HERE FOR 2500 Sprinter System)


These are the Air Suspension systems that Europe Ambiances install in ALL their vehicle to make it possible for an EMT Tech

to hit a patient’s vein with a needle WHILE DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD!


WE HAVE 12 YEARS of experience Installing these Airbag Systems and We Give the Installer full technical support which is invaluable. If you plan on purchasing this item from another company, ask them have they installed these systems. There is a HIGH rate of Unsuccessful installations with inexperience Glide Rite installers that Don’t have technical support.

With standard steel suspension, you feel every bump, but with Glide-Rite Air Suspension you are literally gliding on air. Unparalleled levels of ride comfort, stability and handling are all guaranteed with Glide-Rite’s unique, 4-airbag suspension system.

The key to Glide-Rite’s success is a unique design that incorporates 4 small airbags instead of the traditional 2-bag system adopted by other manufacturers. Positioned in pairs either side of the rear axle, the increased surface area of the 4-bag system requires less air pressure to support the chassis, resulting in greater energy absorption. The effect is a significant improvement in passenger comfort through superior ride quality and a substantial reduction of road shock and vibration. This configuration also increases the overall handling of the vehicle, providing greater support at critical points and improving the vehicle’s stability and handling characteristics.

Order the Glide Rite Air Bag System independently from all other purchases to obtain free shipping, adding a second item to your cart that is not labeled FREE SHIPPING will cause you to be charged shipping. Extra Security measures are taken to ensure that this high priced item will not be subject to fraudulent credit card charging.

IntelliRide ECAS Control


Compressor AMK


Height Sensors 2

Valve Manifold 3/2×2

HandHeld Controller 2C Handheld

Air Reservoir 11.35 Litres (3 Gallons)

No. of Preset Heights Available 3

Manual Control Available Yes

Horizon Levelling N/A

Handheld Calibration Yes

Kit Weight 16 Kg

Additional information

Intelligent Control

Yes, No


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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 12 in

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