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Single Scangauge II For Sprinter Vans

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About Linear Logic:

Designing Products For Vehicle Diagnostics Since 1996 Linear Logic was founded in Arizona in 1982. Early products were directed toward the Apple II computer and it’s later series. Other products involved aircraft intercom and headset products. In July of 2004, Linear Logic became a Limited Liability Company (LLC). We have been making products for vehicle diagnostics since 1996. In 2004, we introduced the original ScanGauge. This was a new-to-the-industry product which turned ordinary diagnostic data from the vehicle into useful gauges and information that could be viewed in realtime. In May of 2006, the ScanGaugeII was introduced. It was in response to requests to make the display larger, the case smaller and the backlight in more colors than just orange-red. This and much more was done and more recently the ScanGauageE was developed for people who wanted a lower cost smaller unit that would be optimized for reducing fuel cost.

The ScanGaugeII is a simple but effective tool for monitoring your vehicle. It allows you to troubleshoot your vehicle on your own by reading error codes and the conditions present when the error occurred. You can also reset the “Check Engine” light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic or dealer. In addition, you can digitally monitor four parameters such as voltage, air intake temp or miles per gallon used. Other information like miles to go before empty or tracking fuel costs is also available. The ScanGaugeII plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII data port using the data cable included and is portable allowing it to be moved from vehicle to vehicle.
The Add-A-Gauge feature will allow the user to add and monitor up to 12 additional parameters. These will be user defined and entered by programming the factory hexadecimal coding. Transmission temperature, ambient air temperature as well as oil pressure, oil temperature and more will be available for viewing. In addition, the user can daisy chain 2 or more ScanGauges together and view 8 or more parameters at one time! Currently, the factory hexadecimal coding is not available. However, we are working supply this information as soon as possible. When it is available we will post it for our customers.
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Use and night with a Settable Backlight Display Color:

    • 7 Standard screen colors and a custom setting with 63 possible colors.


    • Backlight for night use


    • Both display and keys backlit


    • User settable Off, Low and High


    • Big display – 50% larger than the original ScanGauge

Automatic Power Control:

    • Automatic delayed power-down after engine shutoff


    • Automatic power-up when engine is started

Easy Installation: No Tools Required!

    • Cable detachable at the ScanGaugeII. Can be connected on the back or side.


    • Easily move from vehicle to vehicle

Easy to Operate:

    • Simple on-screen operation


    • 4 menu driven soft keys


    • A HOME key to quickly return to the start screen


    • User settable update rate (Slow, Normal and Fast)

Trip Computer: Automatically tracks four sets of trip data – Each with 11 individually stored parameters.
Maximum Speed

    • Average Speed


    • Maximum Coolant Temperature


    • Maximum RPM


    • Driving Time


    • Driving Distance


    • Fuel Used


    • Trip Fuel Economy


    • Fuel to Empty


    • Distance to Empty


    • Time to Empty

Digital Gauges: Display 4 gauges at once from the 12 built-in digital gauges, information is presented in Real-time!

    • Fuel Economy


    • Fuel Rate


    • Battery Voltage


    • Coolant Temperature


    • Intake Air Temperature


    • Engine Speed (RPM)


    • Vehicle speed (MPH)


    • Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)


    • Engine Load


    • Throttle Position


    • Open/Closed Loop


    • Ignition Timing


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