NCV3 Sprinter Van Remote Start System

$899.95 - $999.95
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For Sprinter van owners, the innovation just got a notch higher. Introducing a comprehensive plug-and-play remote/auto start and high idle system designed specifically for Sprinter Vans that utilize the ground to start trigger input. Not only does this offer the convenience of initiating your van's ignition from a distance, but it also integrates flawlessly with battery monitors, allowing for automated starts when signaled by the monitor. What makes this system truly stand out is the included OBD programmer that facilitates high idle coding (High Idle Model), eliminating the need for dealer activations. Crafted with precision, it is tailored to be compatible with 2014-2018 Sprinter variants and integrates seamlessly with the factory key fob. For those seeking heightened security and convenience, the system can also interface with Compustar alarm/remote starts, RF remotes, and the smart Compustar Drone smartphone control interface.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Sprinters: Specifically designed for Sprinter Vans from 2007-2018.
  • Advanced Integration: Works seamlessly with Compustar systems and can remote start with the factory key fob (3X Lock).
  • Warranty-Safe: Ingeniously designed to preserve the vehicle's integrity and retain all existing warranties.