VS30 Mercedes Sprinter Van Remote Start & Alarm System

$999.95 - $1,399.95
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Experience the world's first complete plug & play remote auto start and alarm solution tailored for Mercedes and Freightliner Sprinter. Engineered to perfection, the system effortlessly integrates with the factory key fob, following a simple 'lock-unlock-lock' sequence. This state-of-the-art setup comes equipped with an OEM-style alarm system, designed for seamless expansion, allowing the addition of various sensors such as the stand-alone Compustar DAS or full external Directed alarms. The high-tech framework smoothly interfaces with the likes of Compustar Drone and Directed Smart Start, ensuring extended range. Not only does it fortify your vehicle's security with anti-theft and anti-carjacking features, but it also enhances comfort with automated temperature-based functions.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Compatibility: Fully integrated with the Compustar Drone and Directed Smart Start interfaces, and tailored for Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Temperature-Driven Automation: Intelligently activates heated or cooled seats and rear defroster based on external temperature thresholds.
  • Preserved Vehicle Integrity: A 100% plug & play solution that maintains vehicle integrity and can be effortlessly installed within 15 minutes, safeguarding all manufacturer warranties.