Sprinter Vans & Ford Transit Optimized: Fiamma F45S Premium Awning

$1,083.00 - $1,579.00
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Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with the Fiamma F45S Rack Mount and Wall Mount Awning, a premium choice for Camper Vans. Renowned for its top-notch engineering and craftsmanship, Fiamma stands out as the gold standard in awnings. The F45S ensures you remain cool, shaded, and shielded from unexpected rain, enhancing every outdoor adventure.

Having made a significant mark in the adventure van community, this awning boasts a winch-operated design coupled with robust construction, emphasizing Fiamma's commitment to quality and innovation. Its versatility is evident in its compatibility with various van models, especially the Transit and Sprinter Standard Racks. Designed for a wall (flat) mount, it offers a seamless integration, leaving no room for elements to seep through. When extended, it generously provides an 8’2” shade, and its canopy material not only resists UV rays but is also easily washable, ensuring longevity and freshness.

Key Features:

  • Premium Protection: UV-resistant, waterproof, and washable canopy material ensures you stay shielded in all conditions.
  • Robust Build: Features extra-strong arms supported by a double steel cable, crafted for durability.
  • Intuitive Use: Fiamma's unique system ensures the awning rolls out correctly every time, preventing mishaps and ensuring ease of use.

Invest in the Fiamma F45S awning and transform your outdoor experiences with a touch of luxury and convenience.


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