Automatic Fiamma F45 Eagle 13’8″ Legless Wall Mount Awning: Perfectly Crafted for 2002-2006 T1N Mercedes Sprinter Vans

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Fiamma F45 Eagle 13’8″ Legless Wall Mount Awning: Tailored for T1N Mercedes Sprinter Vans (2002-2006)

Embrace the best in outdoor solutions with the Fiamma F45 Eagle Awning, exclusively designed for T1N Mercedes Sprinter Vans from 2002-2006. Experience impeccable shade and unparalleled protection from the elements, all at the touch of a button.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Superior Craftsmanship: Brought to you by Fiamma, the global authority in awning design, the F45 Eagle represents the zenith in engineering and artisanship.
  2. Automatic & Electric Operation: Simplify your outdoor experience with this automatic, electric awning – no manual labor required.
  3. Legless Design: An innovative approach ensures a cleaner look and hassle-free setup.
  4. Optimal Fit: Best suited for High Roof Sprinter Vans (2002-2006) and Class-C RVs. It's recommended to avoid vans with sliding doors extending to the roofline to prevent mounting conflicts.
  5. Sturdy yet Lightweight: A perfect blend of robust design and lightweight materials ensures longevity without compromising ease of use.

Why the Fiamma F45 Eagle Awning is Your Best Choice: Invest in an awning that seamlessly integrates with your T1N Sprinter, offering both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you're on a spontaneous road trip or a planned getaway, the F45 Eagle is a must-have addition to enhance your outdoor moments.

To delve deeper into the transformative features of the Fiamma F45 Eagle Awning, reach out to us at 503-427-2270. We're dedicated to guiding you towards the best shade solution for your Sprinter van!

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