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2007-Present Mercedes Sprinter Van: Automatic Electric Steps for Driver or Passenger

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Elevate your vehicle’s functionality with the Automatic Electric Step, specifically designed for Sprinter Vans from 2007 to the present, brought to you by Alex Original—a globally acclaimed brand since 1959, specializing in automotive air-conditioning and transport refrigeration. Known for our pioneering innovations and high-quality products compliant with European Union regulations, we are leaders in introducing revolutionary solutions that redefine the automotive industry's standards.

Product Overview:

Enhance your Sprinter Van with our innovative Automatic Electric Step, an ideal choice for professionals and frequent commuters using Mercedes, Dodge, Freightliner Sprinter Vans. This advanced feature, only 47mm thick, ensures more road clearance, seamlessly moving out and returning upon opening/closing the door, executing its function smoothly and silently in about 2 seconds. Designed with a user-friendly electronic device, it retracts the step automatically when encountering an obstacle or if the vehicle moves with the step out, adding an extra layer of safety.

To notify the driver, a control lamp indicates when the step is out. Constructed with durable stainless steel, the step and guides are robust and feature an anti-slip board to prevent slipping, complying with EG and United Nation Regulations, ensuring it is winter- and snow-proof.

Innovative Concept:

Our line of Electric Sliding Doors and Steps is designed to enhance the life of both passengers and drivers by offering a new level of safety, comfort, and security. The electric sliding door is especially suitable for delivery vans, providing a time-efficient, remote-controlled system to ease the driver's job. The electric step aids in safe and easy entry and exit from the vehicle, a crucial feature for seniors and children.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety & Comfort: Enables safe and easy access, especially beneficial for seniors and children.
  • Efficient Operation: Saves time with a smooth and silent function, moving in and out in about 2 seconds.
  • Maintenance-Free & Easy Installation: Offers convenience with minimal upkeep requirements.

Delivery & Installation:

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Although the installation process is straightforward, professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal functionality and safety. Maintenance is virtually negligible, offering a hassle-free experience.

Convenience & Efficiency:

The innovation in electrically operated doors and steps brings unmatched convenience and safety to passengers. With the capability for the driver to operate both doors from his seat, this system is crucial for meeting tight schedules where every minute counts. Enhance your commuting experience with our state-of-the-art Automatic Electric Step, blending convenience, safety, and innovative design.