Nations Starter and Alternator

280xp High-Output Alternator Kit for 2007+ Sprinter Vans with 3.0L 6-Cylinder N62 Engine

$1,289.90 - $1,789.90
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Mercedes Sprinter owners from 2007 onwards with a 3.0L 6 Cylinder Engine and N62 option now have the ideal solution to amplify their van's electrical prowess. The factory alternator often falls short for those seeking higher electrical output, and even a single high output alternator might not suffice. This is where Nations steps in, offering a cutting-edge 280XP alternator specially designed to pair with its dual alternator bracket. This dynamic combo not only supercharges your power output but also ensures you have the reliability of a secondary alternator, merging power with peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Sprinter: Specifically tailored for Mercedes Benz Sprinters from 2007 onwards equipped with the N62 option.
  • Superior Power Boost: Elevates electrical output beyond the capabilities of factory or single high output alternators.
  • Dual Alternator Compatibility: Perfectly syncs with Nations dual alternator bracket for enhanced performance and safety.