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280xp High Amp Dual Alternator Kit with 3 Belts for 2007+ Sprinter Vans (AGM Battery)

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Enhance Your Mercedes Sprinter's Power System with Our Dual Alternator Bracket Kit – Perfect for Models 2007+

Sprinter Van Alternator Kit - 280xp High Amp with 3 Belts

Upgrade your Mercedes Sprinter (3.0L 6 Cylinder) with our Dual Alternator Bracket Kit, designed for unparalleled performance and reliability. This comprehensive kit is your solution for exceeding factory alternator outputs and ensuring your vehicle can handle a high accessory load with ease. Ideal for models from 2007+, our kit features precision engineering and high-quality components for maximum efficiency and durability.

Key Features:

  • Complete Kit: Includes a robust Dual Alternator mounting bracket, 280XP High Amp Alternator, and all necessary installation parts. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure a straightforward setup.
  • Superior Construction: Our brackets are CNC waterjet cut from solid 3/8" steel plate, ensuring precision and durability. A high-grade powder coat finish adds extra resilience and longevity.
  • Enhanced Performance: With a 3 Belt System for belt redundancy, a larger crank pulley for increased idle speed, and a heavy-duty tensioner, expect superior performance even under demanding conditions.
  • Smart Charging: Compatible with BALMAR and WAKESPEED WS500 regulators (datasheets included), our kit supports optimal charging performance, especially critical when using Lithium Batteries.
  • Added Reliability: The XP series alternators are designed for brute force idle output, integrated with a sophisticated monitoring system to prevent thermal failures.


  • Dual Alternator Advantage: Maintain your vehicle’s factory charging system while dedicating the secondary alternator to additional accessories, ensuring high charge at idle and faster battery recharge.
  • Generator Replacement: Leverage your engine for unlimited power without additional fuel consumption, making it an eco-friendly and efficient solution.
  • Built to Last: Trust in the rigorous quality standards and USA-made components that define every Nations product, complete with a 2-year replacement warranty.

Upgrade Today for Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Our Dual Alternator Bracket Kit for Mercedes Sprinter 2007+ models is the ultimate power solution. Experience the difference in reliability and efficiency, whether you're powering heavy-duty accessories or seeking an alternative to traditional generators. Trust Nations for quality that lasts under the harshest conditions.

*The Flywheel Locking Tool for Nations 3 belt alternator kits (3.0 Diesel) is required for installation*