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2023 Sprinter Van Dual Alternator Kit for 2.0L 4-Cylinder Engine (Lithium Battery)

$2,699.90 - $3,059.90
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Boost the electrical system of your 2023-2024 Mercedes Sprinter 2.0L 4 Cylinder Diesel with our Dual Alternator, featuring a 12 Volt 280 Amp Alternator specially designed for lithium battery configurations. This kit is the ultimate power solution for those requiring additional output beyond what the standard factory alternator or a single High Output Alternator offers. It's tailored for Sprinter owners who value the safety and efficiency of a secondary alternator.

Kit Contents:

  • Complete Installation Setup: Includes a Dual Alternator mounting bracket, 280XP High Amp Alternator, and all necessary parts for installation, complemented by comprehensive instructions.
  • Top-Quality Components: Features the highest quality parts, ensuring seamless operation with approved Mercedes Benz components.
  • Regulation Options: Choose between the Balmar External Regulator, pre-set for lithium batteries, or opt for the advanced Wakespeed WS500 Regulator for superior performance.

Dual Alternator Advantages:

  • Dedicated Power System: A separate charging system for additional accessory loads means the factory charging system can focus on its primary tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Smart Compatibility: The kit is designed to work with smart regulators that monitor and protect both the alternator and batteries, ensuring a long and reliable service life.
  • High Charge at Idle: Specifically engineered to provide high charge rates even at idle speeds, saving time and fuel while ensuring batteries are quickly recharged.
  • Generator Alternative: Utilize your engine for unlimited power without the need for additional fuel consumption or engine strain.

Advanced Technology for Unmatched Performance:

Our XP series high-output alternators stand at the forefront of charging technology, offering unparalleled idle output and equipped with a sophisticated monitoring system to prevent thermal overloads. Manufactured with 100% brand-new, USA-made components and subject to rigorous testing, these alternators ensure reliability under the most demanding conditions. Complete with a decoupler style pulley and a 2-year replacement warranty, the XP series is your solution for a significant increase in electrical output and efficiency.

Elevate your Mercedes Sprinter's capabilities with our Dual Alternator, designed for seamless integration and superior performance.