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2007+ Mercedes Sprinter 3.0L OEM-Compatible Replacement Alternator

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Revolutionary 280 Amp Alternator for 2007+ Mercedes Diesel Sprinter 3.0L Engine

Unleash unparalleled electrical performance with Nations' tailor-made 280 Amp Sprinter Alternator for your 2007 and later Mercedes Diesel Sprinter 3.0L engine. This powerful solution addresses the challenges of underpowered electrical systems, ensuring your Sprinter never has to compromise on power delivery. Not only does it fit flawlessly in the stock location, but its seamless sync with the vehicle's computer establishes it as the apex alternator in the Nations range.

Distinctive Features:

  • Customized Fit: Exclusively crafted for Sprinter Vans 2007 and beyond, equipped with a 3.0L Mercedes Diesel engine.

  • Unwavering Performance: Offers a consistent 14V rated voltage, an impressive 280 Amps peak output, and a steadfast 200 Amps during idle.

  • Engineered Excellence: Encompasses a high-output six-phase stator, precision-balanced OEM rotor, and a cutting-edge rectifier fortified with 12, 75-amp diodes for sustained efficiency and resilience.

With this Nations alternator, transform your Sprinter's electrical system, ensuring power-packed performance with every rev.

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