AWD Ford Transit Tire & Wheel Package - Matte Black 16"

$299.00 - $699.00
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AWD Ford Transit Tire and Wheel Package - Black 16"

Perfect Fit for AWD Ford Transit

Our AWD Ford Transit Tire and Wheel Package is specifically designed to fit your AWD Ford Transit perfectly, utilizing the factory OEM lugs. This package includes the renowned BFGoodrich All Terrain 255/70R16 T/A KO2 tire, ensuring top-notch performance.


  1. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for both stock and lifted suspensions.
  2. Optimal Specs: The proper offset and 16x7 wheel specs accommodate a wide range of tire sizes.
  3. Flow-Forged Technology: Provides improved strength with reduced weight for enhanced on- and off-road performance.
  4. Automatic Sensor Sync: The sensors will automatically sync with your vehicle. This process may take some driving time.
  5. Stock Lug Utilization: Uses stock Ford lug nuts for convenience.

Options Available:

Wheel Only:

  • Includes: Wheel, Center cap
  • Does not include: Mount and balance, Tire, TPMS sensor, or lug bolt covers

Wheel/Tire Package:

  • Includes: Mount and balance, Wheel, Tire, TPMS sensor, Center cap, and lug bolt covers


  • Rim Size: 16x7
  • Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD): 6 x 180mm
  • Compliance: DOT and FMVSS compliant for safety assurance.
  • Load Capacity: Tested to SAE standards for extreme use with a 3,300 lbs load capacity.
  • Finish: Durable Satin Black finish.
  • Material: High-quality aluminum
  • Pricing: Priced individually
  • Note: Does not include lugs

Enhance your AWD Ford Transit with our premium tire and wheel package, designed for reliability and superior performance.


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