Fiamma F80S Awning for Ram ProMaster: Ultimate Shade Solution & Robust Design

$1,421.95 - $2,525.95
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Fiamma F80S Awning for Ram ProMaster: Ultimate Outdoor Shield & Seamless Integration

Elevate your Ram ProMaster's outdoor experience with the cutting-edge Fiamma F80S Awning. Expertly crafted for the modern adventurer, this awning offers unparalleled protection, shade, and a seamless user experience.

Key Features to Enhance Your Outdoors:

  1. Superior Craftsmanship: With its pristine aluminum end caps and silent opening system, the F80S Awning truly sets the bar high in terms of fit, finish, and build quality, placing Fiamma leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.
  2. Size Flexibility: Cater to your unique needs with our diverse size offerings - 290 (9’6”), 320 (10’6”), 370 (12’2”), and 400 (13’1”).
  3. Robust Arm Strength: The Fiamma F80S's arms are a testament to strength and durability. Not only are they wider than those of the Fiamma F65S, but they also come fortified with a double steel cable reinforcement.
  4. Standard Motor Excellence: Enjoy the simplicity of the extend/retract switch for fuss-free operation.
  5. Upgraded Motor Option: For those seeking an elevated experience, opt for the upgraded motor. This includes not only the extend/retract switch but also a remote control, allowing for a smooth and convenient open/close mechanism from a distance.

Why the Fiamma F80S Awning Stands Out: When it comes to enhancing your Ram ProMaster's functionality and aesthetics, the Fiamma F80S Awning is the perfect choice. It promises not only optimal protection and shade but also a streamlined design that integrates perfectly with your vehicle.

For those looking to merge innovation with unmatched quality, the Fiamma F80S Awning is the ultimate addition to your Ram ProMaster's outdoor toolkit. Experience it to believe it!