Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van Conversion Espar Heater


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 We can even install it for you! Click here to find out how to set that up!

Espar Airtronic D2- 12v Truck or Van Heater w/FREE Digi-Max Controller


What is this product operate like?

The heaters made by Eberspacher control your climate. They are air heaters that operate like forced air furnaces. They use your vehicle’s fuel and power supply so that you do do not idle your machine while driving.

How loud are the heaters?

They actually are very quiet and should not be noisy at all.

Does the wire fit behind the wheel well?

Unfortunately, no.

How many output levels does the heater have?

It has four levels which is will cycle through in order to keep the temperature at a certain level.

What is the best application for these heaters?

They do cab and sleeper hat very well. They work well in class 8 trucks, workshop vehicles, and freight compartments.

Can I use these Airtonic heaters with other devices from Eberspacher’s inventory?

Yes. You can. They have specially designed controllers that let you control how the heater functions.

How can I get this installed?

We can handle it for you. Contact us and we can get you set up. Call 503-427-2270.


  • It is very cost-effective
  • Costs next to nothing in fuel and power
  • The control unit is integrated
  • It is very easy to maintain and install.
  • Worried aobut diagnositics and figure out what is wrong? The machine does it for you.
  • The unit puts out heat faster than any other product in the marketplace right now (2018)
  • Need to fix something? There is a quick release that will let you do it quickly
  • Worried about compliance? The unit is EPA verified and CARB compliant. It is legal to use in North America

Do you value your time? You should. It a unique resource that you cannot get back. If you want more time then you should consider this product to help you save time.

How does it help? If you hate scraping ice off your windows in the morning then this product with definitely help you and will save you time. We all know scraping windows can take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the situation.

What makes these Eberspaecher’s air heaters are unique is that they operate outside of the engine and the vehicle’s heat balance. They pull in the outside air and heat it up and then use that to heat the interior of your vehicle. If you are a commercial driver in any capacity then these air heaters are a must.

Where else can you put these heaters? You can install them in the cabin where the luggage compartment is located or under your floor. If you have a digital Eberspaecher timer then you will find you will have a lot of control over the product.

No more ice, no more shivering your vehicle, and you can concentrate on your drive. It is also easier on the environment as a whole. You can use the extra time you save doing whatever else you feel like doing. Spend more time with your family? Sure. Work out? Yes. Get ready for your trip. Of course.


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