Arb Elements Weatherproof Fridge/freezer For Sprinter Vans

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About ARB:

ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories. There are two US locations and an export network that extends through more than 80 countries around the globe. ARB products are sold and serviced through an extensive network of authorized distributors worldwide with over 1,300 dealers in North America alone. The origins of ARB can be traced back to Australia’s remote Top End, circa 1975. A region of vast distances and rugged terrain, it was fast becoming a Mecca for the nation’s burgeoning 4WD community. However, the very environment that attracted 4 wheelers also wreaked havoc on their equipment – when driving in extreme conditions, only the best 4×4 accessories will do.

ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge/Freezer

How much will this fridge hold on the inside of it?
The dimensions of this fridge on the inside is a combination of two areas. It comes with two compartments. One is the fruit and dairy compartment which is 5.7" x 14.0" x 6.1". The measurements are H x W x D. The main compartment is the other area and the measurements for that area are 13.1" x 14.0" x 18.8" and follows the measurement breakdown as before, or H x W x D.

Well, how big is this fridge on the outside? I wanna know if I can carry this fridge around in my van without too much trouble.
The dimensions we have from the manufacturer say that the fridge is 17.1 x 19.3" x 32.3". It follows the same formula as the previous question. The measurements are broken down as H x W x D.

Wait, if I'm going to lug this fridge around then I need to know how much it weighs. Do you know how much this fridge weighs?
It actually weighs 70 lbs. It is a robust fridge/freezer. It is probably best used as a stationary item.

What kind of power does this fridge need?
It has a built-in 12/24 DC system. It also has a 100-240v ac power battery protection system.

Do you know what the capacity of this fridge is in quarts?
The capacity is listed at 63 quarts.

Can the temperature be controlled by anyone?
The manufacturer says the touchpad will not allow people to change the temperature settings you have set yourself.