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Kayak Cradle

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Welcome to the versatile world of the Kayak Cradle, your ultimate solution for transporting kayaks, creek boats, surfskis, SUPs (Stand-Up Paddleboards), and windsurfers. Designed with flexibility and protection in mind, this carrier is equipped to handle a variety of watercraft, ensuring they reach your adventure destinations safely and securely.

Product Features:

  • Versatile Design: Accommodates a wide range of hull shapes and sizes, making it perfect for kayaks, SUPs, and windsurfers.
  • Adjustable Brackets: Four brackets, each featuring an independent pivoting saddle with an angle-setting lever, allow for a custom fit to your watercraft's specific hull shape.
  • Hull Protection: Flexible cushioned pads on each bracket ensure your watercraft's hull is protected from scratches and damage during transport.
  • Stability: A large contact surface area on each bracket provides extra stability, keeping your watercraft secure on the road.
  • Secure Tie-Downs: Includes two Tie Down Straps with protective buckle bumpers to safely secure your craft during transport.
  • Easy Installation: All necessary installation hardware is supplied, facilitating a straightforward setup process.


  • Capacity: Suitable for kayaks and SUPs up to 900mm (35.4 inches) wide and weighing up to 40kg (88.2 lbs).

Installation Instructions:

  1. Attach Brackets: Secure the four brackets to your vehicle's rack system using the supplied installation hardware. Ensure each bracket is spaced evenly and aligned with your watercraft's hull design.
  2. Adjust Saddles: Use the angle-setting lever on each bracket to adjust the saddles according to your watercraft's hull shape for a snug fit.
  3. Place Watercraft: Gently place your kayak, SUP, or other watercraft onto the cradle, ensuring it rests evenly on the cushioned pads.
  4. Secure Watercraft: Utilize the included Tie Down Straps to secure your watercraft to the cradle. Adjust the straps for tightness and ensure the protective buckle bumpers are positioned to prevent any damage.
  5. Final Check: Before setting off, perform a final check to ensure everything is secure and there is no movement of the watercraft.

For the best care of your Kayak Cradle and watercraft, regularly inspect the cradle for any wear and tear, especially before long trips. Make sure all components are tight and secure for the safest transport of your adventure gear.

Enjoy your journeys with the peace of mind that your watercraft is carried safely and securely. Happy paddling!

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