Fiamma Privacy Ultra-Light F45/F65/F80 Camper Van Awning Enclosure

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Fiamma Privacy Ultra-Light Camper Van Awning Enclosure

Introducing the Privacy Ultra Light - your ultimate solution for quick and hassle-free privacy while on the go. This versatile and lightweight privacy screen can be assembled in mere moments, making it the perfect companion for short stays, weekend getaways, and those who value mobility. Designed with the warmer seasons in mind, the Privacy Ultra Light offers a cool and comfortable retreat wherever you roam.

Crafted from durable Ripstop material, this privacy screen is not only lightweight but also tear-resistant, ensuring longevity and reliability. The Ripstop fabric's unique weave creates a sturdy structure that remains lightweight, allowing for effortless assembly by a single person. The ventilated roof, in combination with the double-layered design, helps maintain an optimal temperature inside, enhancing your comfort during your outdoor adventures. The side panels can be rolled up to provide additional coolness and are equipped with mosquito nets for added convenience. Plus, the Privacy Ultra Light's versatility allows you to expand the shade surface by fully opening the side panels and even adding extra panels like Blocker or Sun View on the front, creating a covered area to protect and store bikes and other accessories.

Key Features:

  • Instant Privacy: Set up in a flash for quick and convenient privacy wherever you go.
  • Warm Season Ready: Ideal for use during the warmer seasons, providing a comfortable and cool retreat.
  • Durable Ripstop Fabric: Made from tear-resistant Ripstop material for lasting quality and reliability.
  • Ventilated Roof: Double-layered roof design ensures optimal ventilation and temperature control.
  • Versatile Shade: Expand the shade surface by opening side panels and adding extra panels for bike and accessory storage.
  • Complete Package: Delivered with everything you need, including installation kit, support cross rafters, pegs and elastic kit, and a convenient transport bag. Upgrade your outdoor experience with the Privacy Ultra Light and enjoy the freedom of swift and comfortable privacy wherever you roam.