Mercedes Sprinter Van Noise Reducing Mat Insulation 250 Sq. Ft

ID - Insulation 250
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Mercedes Sprinter Van Noise Reducing Insulation 250 sq. ft

What vehicle will this fit?
This is not vehicle specific, this is a universal kit.

What are these things anyway?
They are mats that are designed to absorb the sound in your Sprinter van. They should help dampen or deaden some of the sounds that come from moving around your Sprinter.

What kind of materials do these mats come with?
The product includes the thermal acoustic insulation, the instructions, and spray adhesive.

How do they compare with that foam that YouTubers use? You know the
kind you sometimes find in media rooms?
The mats may not do as much soundproofing as those products do. The products YouTubers use are meant to surround a room and help block the sound between drywall, panels, walls, and etc. The acoustical foam may be better at blocking sounds but we cannot confirm this as we have not tested it as of yet.

Can I use these on my floor? I have things striking the bottom of my van from time to time and it really bothers me when I hear that tin clank.
Yes. You can and should use this to provide a fair amount of sound blocking power to your floors. It should make the interior of your van much quieter.

I've been using (non-acoustic)sponges for sound dampening and haven't been happy. Is this a better product?
If you have been using sponges for some sound dampening then we are fairly certain that you will notice an upgrade in the quality of sound dampening. It should be worth your while to try it.

My little room in the back of my Sprinter van does hurt my ears sometimes. It is to the point where my ear membrane is so sensitive that I have to wear ear muffs sometimes so that I do not hear the clanging when someone else drives. Will this padding help that?
It should help that greatly. You will, likely, find that the need of your headset or earmuffs to block the sound will greatly be reduced.

Will it help deaden the sound to the outside world? I sometimes stay in residential areas and need it to act like a barrier so it does not sound like I'm practicing my drum, recording vocals, jumping on stairs, doing construction work, or whatever or is it going to be like I'm doing that stuff and having a wall so thin that it sounds like I'm living in a tent?
The produce should help with the noise coming from your Sprinter van, however, if you are doing any of those things then it probably will not get rid of the sound altogether. It will dampen the sound but it will not make your vehicle totally silent.

Which wheelbase is this thing for?
The particular wheelbase designation for this particular item is the short wheelbase as there is 250 sq ft of product available for you to use.