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Sprinter 4×4

December 6, 2016

Yes…it’s thumbs up for T1N Sprinter 4×4 owner, Tom. Welcome to a new era for the North American Sprinter…4 Wheel Drive!! With this conversion, we can travel anywhere in the world and service parts will be as close as the nearest Mercedes or Dodge/Freightliner dealer...

T1N Conversion

September 17, 2015

All parts used in this conversion are OEM parts. Some components of the front brake system along with the power steering rack and sway bar are transferred from your Sprinter’s stock sub-frame. The process also includes dismantling the transmission to install a new main case and an extension housing which facilitates mounting the transfer case directly to the transmission...

4 Wheelin’

April 6, 2015

This was our first outing so we decided to keep the trail difficulty rather simple. The test took place in the Oregon Coast Range Tillamook State Forest. The 4wd Sprinter conversion performed without hesitation...