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Rear Quarter Window Covers | Sprinter 2007+ (NVC3/VS30)

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When considering the addition of window covers to your van, whether for privacy, temperature control, or aesthetic reasons, it's crucial to understand the unique considerations and types of windows involved. Our window covers are designed with versatility and functionality in mind, accommodating both factory glass and aftermarket vented windows. Here's what you need to know before ordering:

Key Features:

  • Universal Design: Our covers are intentionally oversized to latch onto the bare metal frame around the window, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Built-in T Vent Split: Standard on all products, this feature allows the cover to be stored in place within the window frame when not in use and to fold sideways for compatibility with AMA, Vanwindow Direct, or other branded sliding vented windows.

Compatibility Note:

These covers are specifically engineered for BARE METAL vans, commonly known as Cargo vans. They are not suitable for custom framed window boxes or vans with unique frames, builds, or trims. Due to the wide variety of van builds and designs, we highly recommend sending us a picture of your window to confirm compatibility before placing your order.


Passenger vans present a unique challenge due to the plastic trim, which does not allow magnets to stick directly. To address this, we recommend the following three-step approach to ensure a secure fit:

  1. Enhanced Magnet Design: We incorporate oversized magnets at the top of our window covers to penetrate through the plastic trim and air pocket, reaching the metal body of the van. This method may vary in effectiveness based on the van year and trim style.
  2. Velcro Solution: For additional support, we stitch velcro on one side of the cover and provide 3M VHB velcro adhesive. This dual approach, used in conjunction with the magnets, enhances the attachment strength. Please ensure the plastic is cleaned with an alcohol swab before applying.
  3. Additional Magnets or Metal Tabs: If removing the plastic trim for insulation, consider adding extra magnets behind the trim to align with those on the window cover. Alternatively, if not removing the trim and seeking a stronger hold, metal tabs or additional magnets can be adhered directly to the plastic. This is considered a last resort and may be visible when the cover is folded up.

Contact Us:

If you have any uncertainties or questions regarding the fitment of our window covers on your van, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can call or email us with pictures of your van windows from the inside to ensure we provide you with the best possible guidance and compatibility confirmation.

Our goal is to enhance your van life experience by offering window covers that meet your needs for privacy, temperature control, and ease of use, while ensuring a perfect fit for your specific van model and build.


Please Note: This item is not eligible for returns as per the manufacturer's policy. For any questions or assistance, please reach out to our customer support team who are here to help you.