Sprinter Van Antskid Rubber Rear Cargo Mat

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2019 Sprinter Van Anti-skid Rubber Rear Cargo Mat

I'd like to have something that looks clean around the edges instead of looking cheap. What can you tell me about how this thing is cut around the edges?
It is a die-cut cargo mat. It will give you that smooth clean edge that you have been looking for in a cargo mat.

What is the backing of this mat made up of?
It is made up of a 1/2" polypropylene foam.

What about the rest of the cargo mat? What is it made up of? I want to make sure this isn't a cheap product.
The cargo mat is made up of a TPO rubber. It is extremely durable.

I do a lot of work and use my Sprinter to transport stuff around. I bring things like chemicals with me. Is that going to be a problem for this product? Am I going to find a hole burned into my mat sometime?
The mat is resistant to chemicals. The manufacturer mentioned bleach, battery acid, oil, and gas specifically. They also said chemicals but did not elaborate further than what you saw in the previous sentence.

You did not mention if this mat is damaged by water... is it waterproof?
The manufacturer says that this mat is waterproof. You should not have a problem if some water spills on this mat.

So my stuff is not going to slide around?
For the most part, no, the items will not slide around. However, if you are expecting miracles then you might be disappointed. It will do the job within reasonable expectations.

If this mat is waterproof then I have to worry less about mildew and mold right?
Yes. Mildew and mold will have a much harder time gaining a foothold, if at all, on your cargo mat.

Am I going to have to cut this thing and ruin the look in order to get it to fit my Sprinter van?
Actually, no. The cargo mat was specifically made to fit your Sprinter.

The fact that this is not a carpet means that it is easier to clean, right?
Yes. You only need a power washer or a hose. If it is a dirt issue then you might be able to get away with just using a vacuum. Moisture and dirt will not stay put.

How quickly does this install?
The cargo mat should install within a few minutes. It is relatively easy to install. You only have to push the cargo mat under the OEM shrouds located at or near the side entry door and the rear door.

Hold on, if it is ribbed on top to be non-skid wouldn't the bottom of this mat be ribbed too?
No. It is a flat rug underneath it.




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    Customer review

    Posted by Jim Norman on Mar 31, 2020

    Bought this for my 2019 170" 4x4 crew van. I cut the rug right behind the seat and then made cut outs for the seat rails. Bed rug is good quality and was a good fit for the van. It was a little off in the front but I'm guessing that is because the crew and cargo are a little different and this is only for the cargo. I did remove the rear screw plate and put this under that. It raised the floor about a 1/2" so there is a gap between the rear door plate and the rug. Not a huge deal. I didn't put under the screw plate by the side door as it is a two piece mat now and didn't think it would look right. Overall, it is a good mat and is way easier to sweep out over carpet which I had on the last Sprinter. A little pricey but would purchase again.