Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans With Air Bag Seat Covers

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Mercedes 2019 Sprinter Vans With Air Bag Seat Covers


2016 and newer Sprinters Air Bag Seat Covers Head Rests

Are you sure this fits Sprinters with airbags?
Yes. The item you are looking at fits 2019 Sprinter vans that have airbags installed.

This thing comes with both headrests?
Yes. It does. You can see a picture of both of the headrest pieces to the right of this paragraph.

Does this have an install guide or something where I can figure out what I need to do before I get this item?
Yes. You can click here and have a look at the install instructions. You can also right click it to download them to your computer. You can try holding your finger on the link till you are prompted for some kind of action if you are on some other device like a cell phone or a tablet.

How many pieces are supposed to be in the box when it arrives?
There are a grand total of six pieces in the box when it arrives at your door or the location of your choosing.

Exactly what is in the box?
The box contains the following pieces: a seat back cover for your passenger side of your Sprinter, one seat bottom cover for the passenger side, a headrest cover for the passenger side, a seat back cover for the driver side, a seat bottom cover for the driver side, and a headrest cover for the driver side.

I'm guessing that I should not use bleach on these covers...
Correct. Bleach will damage these covers in a way that most people will not like.

How can I clean these covers?
The manufacturer says that you can actually wash them on a low-temperature setting with a mild detergent.

What if it's a smaller problem? Do I really have to take the whole thing off to clean it?
The seat covers have some resistance to dirt and moisture. You may be able to get the job done by using some sort of spray cleaner or detergent and water.

What about oil and or grease stains? Is there a special procedure to deal with those kinds of messes?
The manufacturer recommends that you try a dry cleaning solvent first then use a detergent or spray cleaner with water.

What about the drying procedure, how do I go about dealing with that?
The manufacturer says that you should drip dry the covers or machine tumble dry them with a setting with no heat cycle.

Anything else I should know before throwing them in the machine?
Yes. The straps should be coiled as much as possible and secured with rubber bands when you machine wash or dry the items.