2007-2018 Mercedes Sprinter Rear Door Ladder with Integrated Tire/Box Rack Combo

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2007-2018 Sprinter Rear Door Ladder with Tire/Box Rack Combo

Taking advantage of the ample rooftop space on your Sprinter has never been easier. While the rooftop is ideal for stashing bulky items, the real challenge is reaching up there. Aluminess introduces its innovative all-aluminum rear door ladder, designed to offer a sturdy and secure climb. Effortlessly strap down your essentials, whether you have an Aluminess roof rack or just a basic storage box.

Highlight Features:

  • No-Drill Installation: The ladder conveniently bolts on using the factory hardware from inside the door, ensuring there's absolutely no need for drilling.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether your Sprinter has 180 or 270 hinges, this ladder fits perfectly. Forget about the hassle of painting or swapping hinges.
  • Combo Kit Available: If you require an additional box or tire storage, opt for our combo kit. It includes a mount for either a box or a tire, along with sleek steps, allowing for an effortless climb even with the added storage.
  • Durable Finish: Each ladder is powder-coated in black, ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements.
  • Sensor-Friendly Design: No more backup sensor hassles. Our ladder's design is fully compatible with backup sensors, ensuring your Sprinter's functionalities remain unhampered.

Step up your storage game with Aluminess' rear door ladder — a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal tailored for your Sprinter.