2015+ Ford Transit Guard/Light Bar: Sensor-Compatible for Parking and Cruise Control

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Aluminess Front Brush Guard/Light Bar for Ford Transit: Enhance Your Touring Experience

Elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your Ford Transit with the Aluminess Front Brush Guard and Light Bar. Perfectly crafted for globe-trotting adventurers, this brush guard delivers an imposing, rugged look that complements the Transit's robust nature, all without burdening it with excess weight.

Distinct Features:

  1. Lightweight Construction: Crafted from durable aluminum, the Light Bar weighs in at a mere 25 pounds, ensuring no compromise on performance.

  2. Versatile Mounting: With its 3-inch slat, you're provided with an optimal platform for attaching various lights and light bars, illuminating your journey even in the most challenging terrains.

  3. 2020 Tech Compatibility: Thoughtfully designed, this Light Bar seamlessly integrates with the 2020 stock camera, radar, and parking sensors, ensuring that modern conveniences aren't sacrificed for style.

  4. LED Light Flexibility: Tailor the Light Bar to your specific needs. While the LED lights are not bundled in the standard package, you have the freedom to choose and customize your lighting arrangement.

Complete your Ford Transit's world-touring setup with the Aluminess Front Brush Guard/Light Bar. It's not just an accessory—it's an upgrade, a statement, and a testament to your adventurous spirit.

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