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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for High Roof Ford Transit Vans - Driver's Forward

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The van life movement underscores the increasing demand for vehicular windows that harmoniously merge privacy with crystal-clear vision. Answering this call is AM Auto's elite privacy glass window – not just an ordinary window, but a testament to sophisticated engineering and superior craftsmanship. Created with a focus on ensuring your utmost privacy on the move, it boasts a notable UV filtration rate, permitting a mere 17% of UV rays, safeguarding you without compromising the panoramic vistas outside.

Be it a vibrant urban locale or a serene natural setting, find solace within your van, confident in the protection from intrusive glances and harmful UV exposure.

Distinguishing Features of AM Auto's Privacy Glass Window:

  • Perfect Precision: Crafted exclusively for Ford Transit vans, guaranteeing impeccable integration.
  • Ultimate UV Defense: Offers an impressive 17% UV filtration, providing a health-focused shield against the sun while preserving clarity.
  • Robust and Resilient: Fashioned from industry-leading materials, ensuring enduring resilience against diverse environmental challenges.
  • Ideal for High and Medium Roof Models: A direct-fit for the Driver Side Forward, ensuring exclusion from the Driver Side Sliding Door for a perfect fit.
  • Aesthetic and Protective Tint: Features a Solar Privacy Glass shade with a UV rating of 17%.
  • Optimized Dimensions: Enhancing your Ford Transit's appeal at 1391mm x 740mm (54.76" x 29.13").


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