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AM Auto OE-Style Sliding Glass for High Roof Ford Transit Vans - Driver's Sliding & Forward

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Elevate Your Van Living with AM Auto's Solar Privacy Sliding Glass Window

Van life is evolving, and with it comes the need for a perfect blend of privacy and panoramic views. Enter AM Auto's exceptional privacy sliding glass window. More than just a window, it's a marriage of meticulous engineering and premium materials, meticulously crafted to enhance your privacy on the move.

Imagine a shield that allows only 17% of the sun’s UV rays to seep through, guaranteeing you maximum protection while keeping your outside view sharp and vivid. From the bustling heartbeat of the city to the serene embrace of nature, enjoy peace of mind and unrivaled moments in your space, protected from curious gazes and the sun's fierce embrace.

Distinguishing Features of AM Auto's Superior Sliding Glass Window:

  • Perfect for Ford Transit: Precision-designed, it fits Ford Transit vans like a glove, particularly the high roof and medium roof models.

  • Solar Privacy Tint for Ultimate Discretion: Its tinted hue not only accentuates its visual appeal but also ensures heightened privacy.

  • Unparalleled UV Defense: Its 17% UV filtration mechanism is a testament to a health-first approach, protecting you from excessive sun exposure without hampering external clarity.

  • Built to Last: Leveraging premium materials, this window promises resilience against the whims of weather, assuring lasting brilliance.

  • Semi-Direct-Fit Advantage: Ideal for Driver Side Forward or Driver Side Sliding Door installations. Non-sliding doors may experience a slightly extended gap between row 1 and row 2, ensuring flexibility in setup.

  • Exquisite Dimensions for a Seamless Look: With measurements of 1365mm x 751mm (53.74" x 29.57"), it's designed for a stylish and snug fit.

Transform your van journey with AM Auto's unparalleled sliding glass window. It's not merely a window—it's your ticket to an enhanced, private, and panoramic van life experience.


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