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AM Auto OE-Style Sliding Glass for High Roof Ford Transit Vans - Driver's Rear Quarter 148"EXT

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AM Auto's Sliding Glass Window: Elevate Your Van Life Experience with Pristine Clarity & Optimal Privacy

The rise of van life represents not just a trend but a cultural shift. As enthusiasts seek the best of both worlds—clear panoramic views and uncompromising privacy—AM Auto emerges as a front-runner with its exceptional privacy glass window tailored for the modern nomad.

Expertly engineered, this isn't just any window. It's a symphony of advanced technology and superior materials, sculpted to accentuate privacy during your road journeys. With a groundbreaking UV filtration capability, it screens out 83% of UV rays, ensuring your skin is protected while preserving the untainted beauty of the vistas outside. Whether nestled in a vibrant urban setting or cradled by serene nature, your sanctuary remains untouched by unwanted gazes and harmful sun exposures.

Highlight Features of AM Auto's Sliding Glass Window:

Ford Transit Specific: Precision tailored for Ford Transit's High/Medium Roof models, promising a glove-like fit.

UV Defense Mechanism: A notable 17% UV filtration rate, amalgamating health protection with crystalline views.

Unyielding Durability: Fabricated with elite materials, it stands firm against the diverse challenges of the elements.

Perfect Integration: Designed for the Driver Side Rear Quarter (148 EXT), ensuring hassle-free installation.

Elegant Solar Shade: Merges aesthetics and function with its Solar Privacy Glass finish.

Defined Dimensions for Precision:

Overall Measurement: 1389mm x 717mm (54.69" x 28.23").
With AM Auto's revolutionary sliding glass window, van life transcends the ordinary. You're not just traveling—you're basking in an enhanced, protective, and luxurious journeying experience. Dive into this captivating blend of clarity and privacy; where AM Auto pioneers, excellence follows.


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