Ford Transit Airvent Cab Window Inserts

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Louvered vent inserts for the 2015 or Newer Ford Transit van.  

Also available for Sprinter vans and/or 2019 Sprinter vans and Promaster vans.

Which vans does this airvent fit?
This product will fit Ford Transit Vans 2015 or Newer.

What do you know about the composition of this product?
It is made of aluminum.

So, it should stand up to rain and the weather?
Yes. It should be resistant to weather like rain or snow. It should resist rusting very well.

The color then, is black?
Yes. It is a black powder coat which gives it extra durability and more resistance to rusting over time.

Does this go in the back of my window glass?
Actually, it goes in front of your window glass.

How do I put these airvents in?
You only have to roll down the window and place the Airvent in your window track. You roll up your window and you are done with installation.

That sounds like a bad design like someone could just push this thing out and access my Transit's interior. Is that true?
The Airvent cannot be removed from outside the interior of your van. It is made to be very secure.

What am I getting when I get this kit?
You get a two-piece set. You get the driver side and the passenger side Airvent. They both install just as outlined above.

I'd feel much better if I could see one installed... Do you have a video or something that shows me how?
Yes. The video on this page which should be above somewhere will show you how to install this product.

What does louvered mean?
It basically is a window blind that has an angle to only allow light and air to enter the area behind it. It keeps rain and direct sunshine out.

Does this keep out the insects too?
Yes. If you use the net behind the Airvent then insects will not be able to get to the interior of your Transit van.

Airvent Type:
Sprinter Van 2002-2006,Sprinter Van 2007-2018,Dodge Promaster 2015+,Ford Transit 2015+


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    Customer review

    Posted by Mark on 15th Aug 2019

    These Airvents work GREAT! Their easy to put in and work as advertised. Combined with a roof fan, they allow airflow throughout the van while still keeping it secure. AWESOME!

  • 5
    Customer review

    Posted by Sharon on 5th Aug 2019

    Not only were the vents very useful but the service when I called was superb!!