Ford Transit Van Amp Research Driver and Passenger Side Electric Power Running Boards

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Ford Transit Van Amp Research Electric Driver and Passenger Side Running Board Power Step

Ford | Transit | 2014 - 2018

Amp Research AMP 76159-01A - 76259-01A

  • Running Board

  • PowerStep

  • Black Textured Powder Coated Die Cast Aluminum

  • Lighted

  • Frame Body Mount Bolts

  • One Step For Passenger Side Front and Sliding Door

  • 600 Pound Capacity

Getting into your truck shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest...

That’s why AMP Research invented POWERSTEP™, the automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and then hides itself safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance.

Its handsome design, all-weather performance, and legendary reliability set the industry standard. Its industry-leading 5 Year/60,000 Mile warranty. Invented, engineered and built in America, AMP Research PowerStep™ has been tested and proven in long-term, real-world, driving conditions performing flawlessly in snow, ice, dust, mud, and dirt. The lightweight, yet rock-solid running board and rugged die-cast linkage components are crafted in the USA of aircraft-quality aluminum, black-anodized and Teflon(R) coated for maximum corrosion protection. Precision, stainless-steel hinge points and bearings ensure trouble-free action. And the heavy-duty electric motor is designed and tested to provide reliable, maintenance-free operation for decades.

Includes Mounting Bracket: Yes - Universal-Fit Type

Mounting Location: Frame Body Mount Bolts

Weight Capacity (LB): 600 Pound

Type: Powered

With Plug And Play Wiring Kit: No

Color/ Finish: Black Textured Powder Coated

Material: Aluminum

Lighted: Yes

End Cap: Yes

Drilling Required: Yes


  • Automatic power-deploying running boards

  • Low-profile integrated LED light system – Standard

  • High-strength, die-cast aluminum-alloy components with an anodized and Teflon®-Coated, military-spec finish to resist corrosion

  • Precision stainless-steel pivot pins for rock-solid stability. Maintenance-free, self-lubricating bushings for all-weather performance

  • Extruded aluminum steps with full-length internal ribs for rock-solid stiffness, rigidity and support with a high-texture. Powder-Coat finish for maximum grip and durability

  • 600 lbs load capacity (each side)

  • Weatherproof, OEM-Quality electric motors, drive system and wiring harness. Pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof safety technology

  • Limited 5 year or 60,000-mile warranty

Q: My running board is not retracting all the way up. It goes about halfway, then just stops. Is it affected by temperature?

A: The temp can be a contributing factor. It is probably an alignment issue. The temp makes it worse because the cold makes all the tolerances shrink up.

Try this:

You will need a helper or you can be creative with a floor jack or blocks of wood or something. When the running board will not pull up in the front properly I would say the first things to look for are loose fasteners or alignment. Pleases take a look at the following. It walks you through an alignment procedure that addresses the issue you are describing. In addition, while working on the running board the technician should check every fastener to ensure everything is properly secured. Making sure everything is tight is critical.

1) Open the door to put the running board in the down position

2) Disconnect the wire harness from the motor. Remove the motor.

3) Disconnect the idler linkage (front) from the running board. Remove the two 3/16” allen head bolts that go up from the bottom into the running board extrusion. Disconnect the front linkage (idler linkage) from the running board so that the linkage is no longer connected to the running board. You will probably have to bang it loose.

Loosen the bolts that hold the front linkage (idler linkage) to the body and support bracket. Make the bolts finger tight. Leave the linkage on the body, do not remove.

4) Loosen the rear linkage (motor linkage) from the body. Make the bolts going into the rocker panel and support bracket finger tight.

5) Have an assistant go to the front of the running board that was connected to the idler linkage and pull the running board up. Do not retract the running board. Pull up away from the ground. You will be slightly twisting the motor linkage in its holes. Hold the running board in this position and tighten the bolts that hold the motor linkage (rear) to the body. Then tighten the bolt that holds the support bracket to the motor linkage.

6) Manually retract the running board and hold it in the retracted position like when the door is closed.

7) Re-connect the idler linkage (front) to the running board while the running board is in the retracted position. Tighten the 3/16” allen head bolts that hold the running board to the linkage first and the bolts that hold the linkage to the body last. Alternate tightening the 3/16” bolts so that the linkage and the running board pull up together and tighten evenly.

8) Cycle the step by hand and make sure there is no resistance/binding.

9) Replace the motor and test

The Ford Transit Automatic Running Board Electric Step is the ultimate step for any heavy-duty conversion.

The Amp Research PowerStep is covered by a limited 5 Year warranty.
The distance from the interior floorboard to the top of the deployed step is approx. 10 inches.
Each kit includes one PowerStep for the passenger side and one for the driver side that covers the front and sliding door. This 79-inch step includes OEM style illumination, assembly with wire harness, electronic controller, mounting hardware and detailed installation guide.
If you are searching for a van that is versatile and gratifies anyone's taste, one that will carry passengers or cargo, the answer is the Ford Transit Van and the Automatic Running Board Electric Step is the answer to your prayers. Just the name Ford rings a bell in most automotive owner's minds. Put that together with a vehicle that can carry over ten people or haul your cargo and the Ford Transit Van comes out on top. It's a sure winner, manufactured in a sleek style so characteristic of the Ford brand. For example, the transport area is great for companies and the Ford Transit Van Running Boards are second to none! The Transit is perfect for an airport shuttle, luxury RV, commercial carrier, or cab chassis. The Ford Transit Van is what large vehicles are all about; comfort, opulence, quality, and endurance.