Mercedes-benz Metris Cabin Air Filter

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Mercedes-Benz Metris Cabin Air Filter - 0008351500

Which Metris vans will this air filter fit?
It fits 2016 - 2018 Mercedes Metris vans.

My air filter thing in my owner's manual says that I need one in a panel shape. Is this, officially a panel shape?
Yes. The air filter you are looking at is officially a panel shape according to the manufacturer. It should fit what your manufacturer wants you to use.

Alright, before we get any further, what is this thing and why do I need it?
The main reason that people use an air filter is to get rid of harmful particles. The filter and other filters like this one have the job of stopping those particles from entering places where your fluids and air traverse, thus, keeping them much cleaner. Areas that are protected include the following: fuel lines, radiator and the engine. If particles do get into these areas then you will suffer decreased performance levels from your vehicle. The problem can become so pronounced that your engine could get damaged in the process as well.

When should I start thinking about replacing this thing on my Metris?
Your owner's manual should give you a better time frame but, generally, people change them every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever happens, to come first.

What if I did wait for this thing to get older than I should? I don't see a reason why that would be as big of a deal as everyone else is looking to make it out to be.
Your filter will get dirtier over time and it will have a lot of things on it that you do not want to circulate in your vehicle. It will not be able to do the job that you want it to do anymore.

What should I be looking for if I think that it might be time to replace my filter?
A decrease in performance is a big indication that this problem may be the cause. Your a/c or heating systems may not be able to do their jobs very well either.
OEM: 0008351500
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